Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Seventh Veil

In a previous post, I mentioned dreams and visions. Want to hear more?

On our first night in Hungary, one of our team members had a dream in which he saw us marching around a demonic statue. On the 7th round, the statue toppled, its head breaking off. He wondered if it was significant.

A few days later, this same artist was reading in 2 Corinthians 3, and was impressed by this passage: “Even to this day when Moses is read, a veil covers their hearts.”

What could those veils be, he wondered, and listed six possibilities: simple ignorance, pride, secrecy, numbness, fear, and witchcraft.

As he shared this with the team, we felt we could make some interesting artwork along these lines, and should press in prayerfully for more inspiration. I was delighted to see later in the day how many images the artists produced one afternoon while I was teaching a class.

We also felt that there might be a seventh veil. Of course there could be many more, but acting on the principal that 7 represents totality or completion in biblical terms, we prayed for insight and revelation. And prayed that God would remove all veils blocking the minds of the Bajans as we interacted with them.

The day after our communion service under the bridge, another team member saw demonic figures floating overhead while swimming in the river near the bridge, “like we had stuck our finger in a hornet’s nest,” as she described it.

She shared this as three of us were walking home alone one night, the rest of the team continuing on with some of the young people. Although we were separated as a team, and it was quite late at night, we prayed as we walked across town that night--for the demonic presences to back off, to scatter, and to release the minds of the Bajans. We woke the next morning to a violent storm, so violent it brought trees down. Hornet’s nest indeed.

We reconnected as a team over breakfast the next morning, and compared notes. The three artists who had not been with us heard about our prayer walk, and we heard about theirs: as they returned home, all the street lights went out behind them one by one as they walked home, spooking them just a bit. And that morning, before we met, one artist had been outside when the morning storm broke out. He was about to run inside when he felt God impress him with the need to stand his ground during the storm. You can imagine his prayers at that point!

We continued to pray for more insight. As we closed and headed out across town, the storm moved out, the air cleared beautifully, and we continued our search for more clues as to the spiritual landscape of Baja.

What was the seventh veil?

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  1. A writer, indeed! You do a very good job communicating the feelings of that day!