Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Love Locks

If you squint at the map below, you can see where Petofi Island (on the right - "Petofi Sziget") is in relation to the Danube (Duna), over to the left. One day we took a walk down to the point, and a stunning walk it was, relieving all stress with its beauty.
One passes a marina, fishermen, friends chatting on benches, or strolling down the path. Skiffs, cyclists, and an old man picking mushrooms completed our idyllic riverwalk.

At the end is a lovely park, with a pink tower, overlooking the Danube.

When you climb to the top, you notice locks attached everywhere on the railing: Love Locks. When Bajas fall in love, they have their names engraved on a padlock, with the date, and attach it here, in a symbolic act of eternal and undying love. Another cultural symbol we could redeem as tangible expression of uniting one's heart to Christ. The sketchbooks and cameras were soon out.
The artists are suddenly in the zone: Chuck on the ground photographing, Marcia doing a watercolor of the Danube, me sketching.
Soon the other three artists arrive on bikes, just in time for all of us to head back--chased by an approaching storm, and late for lunch anyway.

This cultural phenomenon began in Hungary in the '80's, spread around the country and then Europe. Check out some examples here and here.

And some first artistic offerings...but this theme definitely needs pondering...

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