Thursday, August 25, 2011

If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be Erd

Tuesday is a flurry of comings and goings as we send team members back to their former lives in waves of airport runs. Four of us will remain in Erd: myself, Marcia, Linda and her daughter, our wonderful dancers who have come in for the second arts camp, to begin in a few more days. Since a common denominator is exhaustion, we intersperse naps with goodbyes, and anyone who doesn't have anything else to do throws laundry in the little machine to beat back the growing hallway pile of sheets and towels.
But Marcia and I manage to rouse ourselves from our stupor to explore Erd a bit, this suburb of Budapest, a hilly residential community with a Communist Park. Jacob comes with us, as his flight isn't until the evening. Time to find an internet connection as well, make the next set of travel preparations, and send a flare to our peeps the world over.

We found the perfect spot in the Pataki Bakery, and if I could have found a translator, I would have asked the owner if there was any connection to George Pataki, former NY governor.

Instead, we found the most amazing pastries, a cozy nook to hunker down in for some time, and friendly waitresses. Internet connections are slow and sparky, but better than Petofi Island, and we are soon in our zones, happily munching on exquisite delights.
A long hike back up the steep hills works off any waistline damage. We send Jacob off, and a little while later, Tim and Shelby. And then we are four, enjoying the quiet after the chaos. An evening movie, a dose of bug spray, an extra pillow and blanket for a chilly night, and we doze off one by one...good night Erd!

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