Saturday, August 27, 2011

A George Verwer Sighting

The peripatetic George Verwer, founder of OM, world missions advocate, and all around amazing guy, made an appearance in Budapest on Wednesday. Of course we had to go hear him. This man’s orbit rarely intersects mine, although it has on occasion. He is truly a living legend, not to be missed.
Dragging our weary bodies into the city Wednesday morning (with pesky germs still attempting to lodge in my throat), we first spent some time soaking in the famous thermal baths in Budapest—on beautiful Margaret Island. We then made our way to the nearest ice cream cone stand, then off the island to hunt down a well-concealed Methodist church, where George would be speaking.

The evening was marked by George’s inspiration, gentle temps, amazing food, and another collapse into exhaustion! The thermal baths and long walks through the city in some heat had indeed done their duty. With the promise of a ride home dangled before us, Marcia and I flopped on church chairs while OM workers finished cleaning up and having a meeting (we did offer a weak “Can we help?” which they in their great mercy refused.) Eventually they poured us into the van for the ride back to Erd, and we were soon in dreamland again…good night again, Erd!

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