Thursday, May 2, 2013

Whir, Crunch, Snip, Tap

The whir of the copier, the crunchy snip of scissors through thick watercolor paper, the tapping on several keyboards...questions, jokes, grunts of frustration...a chocolate bar goes around the table.  Jessica unloads books from cartons and suitcases into the bookcase, Bill is looking for a quote, and I am scraping price labels off 24 salt shakers.  Don't ask.

Footsteps scurry back and forth in the hallway outside our prep room, and 4 suitcases land with a thud. Jon and Ty have arrived.  Someone has whisked them off to show them to their rooms and feed them lunch.

In a few minutes, some of us will receive the British pounds we need to go out and buy last minute things, and hunt up a chocolate fondue fountain for Bill's first worship set.  Don't ask.

The inks have arrived in Ty's luggage, but the ink mask medium exploded on the plane ride over...

Our hosts are down with germs.  We have cleared out of the room we have been using at their house and moved into the board room at Life Hope.  The preps go on...

Tonight most of the team goes to the prayer and worship service of Life Hope, where Bill will lead worship.  I'm staying behind as my presentation isn't finished yet, or put into powerpoint.

Tomorrow we go back to meetings and then emerge to receive our participants:  all 25, no 24, no 25 of them...the count changes hourly as people are dropping out or slipping in the backdoor...the beat goes on...T minus 24 hrs....

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