Friday, May 17, 2013

Heading Home...

Our time in England had come to a close...the glory of the gathering, and the frenzy of the passport issue resolved, unfortunately too late to preclude our early morning departure.  But our 90-minute drive to the Manchester airport was far more joyful, knowing we were facing only a few extra hours in the lounge, rather than interrogation at the immigration office.  

A leisurely breakfast at the airport cafe was our new first priority, and we relished the hot coffee and pastries while bubbling over with the joy of the passport find, the energizing company of the artists, and the prospect of heading home, or to the next stop.  Mission accomplished.  Exhausted but exuberant.

Soon we were shuffled through security, called to board, and settled into our seats--now just Jess and I.  Mat headed into Manchester to visit friends, and then further onto a conference in Denmark; the rest of the guys left for Germany for a tour (Bill Drake Band), following the release of Bill's new CD, Broken and Complete.  Separation anxiety...hard to say goodbye to brothers you've been through intensity with!

I thought I would be one of these passengers:

but the excitement of the past days kept me awake and writing all the way home, with only a movie and a short nap after lunch to interrupt (or feed) the creative surge I was feeling.  I returned as I often do: feeling beyond privileged to be part of this great adventure, with some of the coolest people in the world, seeing some of the sights of the world, hidden or famous, the subtle secrets of a culture or the more stereotypical ones.  The highs and lows, cold showers and short nights.  Broken by the needs in the world, complete in my satisfaction of working to do something about it.  

"The place God calls you is where your deep gladness and the world's deep hunger meet."--Frederick Buechner   

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