Monday, May 13, 2013


I seriously need to wrap up these less than one week, I need to get back to the Boatyard!  The advance sales period of my second chapbook, The Boatman's Daughter, is about to begin...I'm preparing my media blitz!

In the meantime, let me tell you about Halesowen, the village we were based in.  Small and not-so-small row houses, pretty little flowers springing up as the season was definitely warming up (astonishingly, we had no rain during our time in England!), and soft clouds.  A pedestrian shopping district, peppered with thrift shops and pubs.  And one mall.  To which we were drawn for its coffee bars and chocolate shop...  

Then there was the obligatory millennium-old church with its cemetery, across which an empty potato chip bag blew incongruously.  A downward path to our hosts' home took us past the White Friars building dating from 1300, just around the corner from the tattoo and piercing parlor.  Juxtaposition...  

And from our hosts' home to the training center, we took a stone staircase, went up a hill, across a parking lot, and took the dirt path through the chain link fence to get to the training center.  We passed a snooker club along the way, and the Queen's Pub.  A sign says Little Cornbow.  Have a glimpse:

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