Wednesday, July 21, 2010


With some trepidation, and plenty of sunscreen and bottles of water, we’re off to Rome today!

I’ll be leading a team in a Renaissance prayer walk, walking important sites of the Renaissance, and asking God to restore what has been stolen from the church in its understanding and appreciation of the arts.

In preparation, we’re reading “Letter to Artists” by John Paul II (

In the meantime, you might want to look up this link to read another report of our SALT conference, on one of the sessions I led—“A Whole New Mind: Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain”:

(Sorry for the length of the links! Someone teach me how to make them short version!)

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  1. Hi Pat, I was facebooking via Allison's profile and gladly saw your's & your blog. A real benefit to see what you wrote about SALT although I am in a bit of "a state' today, just tired of pioneering--but I heard both a challenge to 'get over it' and empathy....Bill wrote guess you will be trying to connect me with OM France...bises, Ron