Friday, July 9, 2010

Just Another Day...

6:07 am and I am watching the gray dawn ease into sunlight. There is much to do; might as well get at it.

85 degrees by 10:00; sweet breakfast (my favorite meal), and first attempt at packing suitcase… aborted for reconsideration of priorities…and an enriching phone call with Dianne Collard. Time to take a shower…

Dang these emails keep pouring in…Friday’s usually quiet, but of course, this is the Friday before the SALT conference next week, and folks are scrambling on both sides of the ocean. As one of the point people… well, you know how it goes...

Putter through domestic chores, financial chores, delegation of the plants and car chores, and the phone keeps ringing... seems there are no colored tiles to be found in Italy…can we do something about that?! (Slight panic evident in the e-speak… mosaic project in jeopardy.)

No colored tiles in Italy?! How can this be? Implementing Plans D, E, and F fails...implementing Plans G and H, including an email to friends in Italy, recruiting them for the tile search…dangerous to be friends with a missionary!!! Never know what you're going to get asked to do!

On to the sorting of the toiletries, trying to bring the least amount in the smallest homeland-security-approved containers or baggies. Or wondering how grubby can I be in Italy and get away with it?

Take a trip to the office to return a shovel, drop some things in the mail, and add some mosaic tiles to the too-big pile of stuff at my desk that hasn’t fit anywhere else—maybe the Carsons can carry it?! They’ll be by later to see…

Blitzkrieg of errands…done with incredible smoothness, serendipity and efficiency…or so I think until I return home, unpack, and find empty cartons, mistakes on receipts, necessitating a return trip to 3 stores tomorrow. Good grief.

Well, tomorrow’s another day. Time for an iced coffee, a deep breath, and another whack at packing. I'll round out the evening with another attempt too at completing my last unfinished workshop for Transform 2010…and call it a day...just another day of preps for a short term missions trip…


  1. WHAT!!!??? YIKES! No tiles in Italia? I thought they made them there!
    Tomorrows got to be better when you jump start it with an iced coffee! Looking forward to reading your adventures.

  2. Another idea is that you can buy plain tile and there IS tile paint out there that you can buy. Maybe you can tote that along instead of the mosaic tile? (less heavy!) Blessings to your packing and may you be able to close your suitcase at the end of the day. :)