Friday, July 30, 2010

Bowing Often

Today’s festivities could be summed up like the New England cliché about weather: “If you don’t like the new decisions and schedule, wait a few minutes because it will change!”

We learned this morning that some of us have to change quarters again, as a new group is arriving and needs our bedroom. So off we went—two of the artists and myself to another building.

When we asked about the gallery space in which we will be exhibiting, we learned we need to create the gallery space. Ah. And do we have things like trellis, chicken wire, etc.? Blank stares…”We can get some!” And if it rains? “Well, maybe we can borrow a tent."

Time to alter course again…we had another quick brainstorm, scrapping all but the simplest ideas, the quickest and easiest to execute in the time frame left (which seems to be dwindling by the day), and to focus in on what we can realistically get done, in view of the fact that we also need to create a gallery. The team is handling this better than I expected. They are pouting briefly, then renewing their efforts with energy and commitment. We will go to 7:30 tonight, then break for dinner, and maybe watch a movie. A little decompression before packing out tomorrow morning at 7:30 am for marketplace outreach.

I think we’ve reached that point of the outreach where things have gone so haywire, one must bow to the absurd. Bowing we are…and I’m proud of our team.

Speaking of bowing…and to put things in perspective:

About an hour ago, a man named Giovanni saw the sign at our entrance and knocked on the door. He is homeless after the quake and looking for food—could we help? We loaded him up with as much food and water as he could carry, listened to his story, and sent him off with prayers, some artwork, and a Bible. Overcome with gratitude, he said he could only offer one thing, and putting his hand on his heart, he bowed and said: “God bless you.”

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