Friday, July 23, 2010

Liplock, Stares and Other Cultural Cues

OM Italy’s field leader stood to ask a question in the midst of our cultural orientation: “Can I say something about kissing?”

“Italians greet one another with a hearty and obligatory series of kisses. Always start with the left cheek of the person you’re greeting, or you risk liplock. Italians are also known for ear kissing, nose kissing, big sloppy juicy on each check (and maybe on the forehead too) kisses…

“They also stare. Italians stare. They just do, and you may find this strange, but they are waiting for you to greet them! Return the stare. Acknowledge it with a smile and then they will smile and then say ‘Buongiorno to them!!!’”

And for more cultural cues, you will want to visit this link:


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