Friday, February 3, 2012

Buon giorno, Bobbio Pellice!

Armed with ear plugs, a wool sweater, and three blankets, I crashed at 8 last night, and, barking dogs and cold notwithstanding, slept reasonably well until 7.  I woke refreshed, and opened the curtains to bright sun and just a few residual falling flakes, which stopped entirely within the hour. 
I spent my day reacquainting myself with Italian stoves and kitchens, toilets and showers, and foods. Then took my bundled little self off to greet tiny Bobbio Pellice, the little town we’re snowed in with. Not many were out, but I practiced my best “Buon giorno!” with those who were.

With the blood thickened up, Forterocca felt positively toasty when I got back, and a lovely sun helped warm the room further. I set up a semblance of office in one corner, art desk in another. The art studio room is Dr. Zhivago cold, so I’ll keep to my room for the time being.  With internet in the room--a great plus--I managed one skype call, a bunch of emails, and some Facebooking before lunch.  After lunch, I plunged back into writing more curriculum, stopping to savor my first espresso later in the day.  I know, I held off a long time, eh?

I'm sharing first days with Marge and Lloyd, Canadians who've just arrived for two years, and Benjamin from Switzerland who came for a month to help in preps for the school. 

The day ends with a warm tea, a warmer room, and one of the easiest jet lag experiences I've had in a long time. 

But a cold front is moving in from Siberia…no time to dilly dally...better get under the covers soon!   

Here's a few shots of Bobbio...notice the park benches in the first one...ha!


  1. PLEASE warm it up before we arrive in a month! Thank-you.

  2. okay - i know it's quite impossible to feel how cold it is there by just looking at a photo, but as i look at the rocks and front yard of forterocca i'm asking myself, "how is it that that snow still looks so pristine and untouched?" i'd be so tempted to tromp right across it! :)

  3. Pat,
    Just started reading as I sit in my lvg rm. You can picture me. Am jealous of all the snow! How can it be 'Marge' has arrived!???!!! OK...I'm loving this-going to read on.....

  4. Hi we have just bought part of an old borgata in Bobbio are you here long? Sorry just found you online while googling the name, ciao lisa