Monday, February 6, 2012

The Siberian Cold Front

I know I’m giving you all a good laugh at my wimpy-ness (only my sister truly understands my pain), but one more post about weather and I sincerely hope I will be through, as I think the cold snap ends tomorrow.

The Big Freeze continues, throwing the country and the team into a tizz, as Italy’s record-breaking snow and cold messed up the arrival of our core leadership team today. Cars wouldn’t start, or started but broke down. Rescue cars didn’t fare much better—but one vehicle managed to get there, collect some of the Carsons, and get them to Bobbio. Mat Carson and Cheryl from Australia had the challenge of navigating the public transportation system, hoping to get to Turin, where a car could pick them up…except that car broke down too!

Sheesh…everyone’s here now, but it took 10 hours.

There are power outages or restrictions all around, and I’m sweet-talking my radiator to keep on keeping on, and astonished I still have internet connections. The *warm* personal relationship developing with my radiator got even chummier as an airblock was fixed this morning, delivering a healthy dose of actual warmth to my chilly room, just in time for the roof to start leaking!

But, bucket in place, I’m in a regular tropical paradise now, and after yesterday, when we had 30+, and an evening in a warm apartment, I’m feeling positively acclimated.

More snow showers are predicted this week, nothing substantial, and temps are going back where they belong in the 40’s tomorrow, for which I am exceedingly grateful….

Never far from mind is the Waldensians, hunkered down on these mountain and in these winters so many years ago. They certainly didn’t have central heating, warm showers, and sweaters from L. L. Bean. I never would have made it as a Waldensian.

Hopefully it’s all behind us, and we can begin to thaw out, finish with jet lag and plunge into the 8-day intensive leadership training on Wednesday.

Did I mention Bosnia had 16 feet of snow!? Ok, I’ll stop talking about weather now….

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