Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Windows & North African Napkins

North Africa has some of the best paper napkins on which to do linocut prints (although the people there might disagree with this assessment!). Last year I did a series of linocuts on these napkins, so of course had to add at least one to the sketchbook.

The choice was a natural too, as “windows” was the theme of the linocuts—or rather, the elaborate grillwork on each window I saw—each one unique. I cut a window out of two pages, glued them together for strength, and added the linocut.

Evolution of the spread:

Inspiration for a second window spread followed a cheap meal in a Chinese restaurant, with all its accompanying kitsch: teabags, fortune cookies and mints on napkins. The fortune cookie wrapper became a window pane, and the other design elements arranged themselves around the window. (The ‘paper clip’ is drawn on, and I added another big splashy and colorful flower.)

For those who care, the two fortunes I picked up that day say:

“You will continue to take chances and be glad you did.”

“A fond memory will soon lead to a renewed friendship.”

I’m not sure either is or has come true…

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