Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sunday--Part 3

After lunch we took a walk over to see OM Italy’s headquarters in an old Waldensian temple, in the center of Torre Pellice. The team is moving the office to Forterocca soon, so this temple could be available for studio space for the training program—would it work? We went over to check space and lighting, and yes, it could.

We continue on along the river, then return to Jill and Anna’s. I don’t think any of us feels like talking anymore, but we need one more meeting. It is our last opportunity to talk with the Tellos, get our action points on various lists, and tie up all loose conversational threads--at least for the moment. After prayer and goodbyes to the wonderfully hospitable OM Italy team, we head home for a last meal with Iz, and then get down to business.

At 10:00 pm, we finish, and head for our rooms to pack and swap camera cards to download photos before we split up tomorrow. Iz, a former spa director and hair and make-up artist, offers to cut my hair. While she snips, we talk about spa facilities here at Forterocca—we are not joking! The Waldensians must be turning over in their graves...but we are not far from the French Riviera. A spa could be a viable source of income for Forterocca, no?!

After snips and chit-chat, I return to my room, pack all but what I’ll need in the morning, and set the alarm for 3:15 am. I need to be in the van tomorrow at 4 am. I hit the pillow about midnight…to lay awake for a good long while, wondering what in the world the Lord has in store for us next…

We're not necessarily doubting that God will do the best for us; we're merely wondering how painful the best will be - C. S. Lewis

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