Friday, September 3, 2010

Tyrone to Italy to Tyrone

How does local ministry touch global ministry?

Last spring, one of my friends came to me for help on a serious fear issue in her life; my response was to propose that we go through Neil Anderson’s “Steps to Freedom in Christ” (

We invited two prayer partners, and asked a third person is she could provide childcare; all three quickly agreed.

Now, to get 5 OM-ers in the same room at the same time, at the height of outreach season, and to hear each one answer enthusiastically that they would be delighted to help, rather than a lukewarm “ok” or an exasperated “I just can’t right now, my plate is full”— trust me, it’s a minor miracle!

It got my attention how quickly and easily our little team came about; the last person I spoke with, after I mentioned my astonishment about this, suggested, “Maybe this is bigger than just one person…” Maybe...

When the appointed day came, we gathered in expectation. God did not disappoint. We saw His incredible power pinpoint with laser accuracy where the fear issue began, and the way out. With prayers and renunciations, our friend was set free from a life-long fear in a life-changing way. A passionate Latina, she began witnessing to many, of what God had done for her, and soon I was receiving requests for more help!

Meanwhile, another friend from my church, when she heard what I was up to, asked if I would be willing to help her; because another woman in our church, who she is mentoring, needed help.

This second woman is Center Director at the local Brain Balance Center in Peachtree City, which specializes in treatment for neuro-behavioral disorders, such as autism, ADHD, and Tourette’s Syndrome ( She is seeing remarkable success rates, but can’t break the 85-90% healing ratio; her conviction is that, because there is a spiritual stronghold that must be broken, prayer was needed. Could we help?

God stepped in on one occasion and miraculously healed one of the children she was working with. After that, many of the mothers coming with their children to the center asked for prayer. Could we begin ministering to and praying for these mothers? I agreed, and so did each of the four ladies who had been part of my friend’s deliverance from fear.

Travel schedules were beginning...we took a crowbar to our agendas and began figuring out what could be done, and when. We agreed that some of us would meet immediately with a family in crisis--the parents separated and on the brink of divorce. Because the family was from Gautemala, we recruited our Spanish-speaking friend to translate. Our friend at the Brain Balance Center would propose prayer for the family, and I would fly to Italy. I watched the emails flying from there, spotty internet connections notwithstanding!

Can you imagine my delight to learn in Italy that the mother had not only agreed to receive prayer, she agreed to receive Christ, and was now attending church with my Spanish friend. Wow!!!

Going from that email to dinner, I found myself sitting next to one Cheryl, a dancer from Australia, who I had met earlier in the day. As I bubbled over with my news, she looked at me and blinked.

“We have a son with autism,” she said.

Well now. Isn’t that just like God…we exchanged emails and I left the table shaking my head, wondering if I’d see Cheryl and her son one day at the Brain Balance Center in Peachtree City…

In the meantime, back in Tyrone, I'm playing musical agendas again with my ladies here, trying to find a date we can all meet to pick up the threads of Spring. Many moms are waiting for prayer....and new miracles await I hope!

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