Thursday, September 16, 2010

"Art is Healthy!"

One of our more retiring artists, soft-spoken and very ‘British’, had difficulty speaking up when we were gathered as a large group; she was comfortable sharing one on one, or in our small group. Not thinking she had anything to contribute, or afraid of what others would think about what she said, she often kept quiet. But she wanted to conquer that fear, and asked for prayer.

On the last day, as testimonies began, she stood, sporting an “Art is Healthy” tee-shirt, and spoke eloquently of the effect of the week on her. Those of us who know her were astonished, and cheered the victory. Everyone affirmed her with an immediate gathering around her for prayer. I was smiling like a proud mother. I love it when ‘my’ artists reach up in faith to take hold of all that God has for them. Maybe Ellen will join us again, but especially, may Ellen join Jesus on every adventure He has for her.

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