Saturday, August 28, 2010

One Question

“If you could wish one thing from God today, what would that be?”

Richard Sharp, one of my colleagues here at OM, is a master of evangelism. He sent over 400 of us around the Mediterranean with this one question to ask people, followed by a second one when they answer:

“Would it be ok if I said a short prayer with you now, that God would help you fulfill that wish?”

Imagine 400 evangelists, young and old, green and seasoned, unleashed upon Rome in the heat of a July day, with this stunning mantra: “If you could wish one thing from God today, what would that be?”…”May I pray that for you right now?” Off we went…

One of our young people asked someone that question, and led that person to Christ.

Another group asked a confused Korean couple that question and helped them find lodging for the night. As it turned out, there was a Korean on the team, who learned that they were honeymooners, living a nightmare in Rome: due to a communications glitch, they were homeless for the night! A quick financial collection, a phone call, and the honeymooners were soon housed, and learned how much God cared for them.

Another of our group asked a Muslim that question, who agreed to prayer. As my friend prayed, she began to weep and kept repeating how much God loves the Muslims, and His desire was for them. The Muslim gave her a tissue and comforted her. She returned the next day with an Arabic-Italian bible for him.

We received so much during the Transform 2010 conference to equip us for ministry in the Med: training, language and culture cues, maps, emergency contact numbers and literature. We took in more information that we can digest in a year, more prayer cards, bookmarks, calendars and email addresses that we can cope with, yet I believe this one question may be the most valuable thing we received. We used it in L’Aquila and Teramo. I plan to use it as much as possible; may I challenge you to do the same?

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