Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Airport Run

Departure from the new Atlanta International Airport...a flag-lined boulevard that creates the impression of ambassadors and heads of state being escorted to private and luxurious chariots...the security lines dispel all myths of privilege, as we are cattled through, shoes, belts, and jackets off, frisked and x-rayed, and trot to our gate.  I miss the wonderful sculptures of the now domestic-only terminal:

Don't miss them on Concourse A--they make a refreshing re-entry into the airport, after the crush at security!

Well, Gate E is just past the Sky Club, which one of my traveling companions just happens to belong to.  In we go, for some chi-chi snacks, marveling that in spite of ridiculous financial situations, we end up in places like this:

We are as excited as we can be--maybe me the most, and not about the Sky Club, which is actually noisy and busy.  I've wanted to join these folks for years.  God just threw a little icing on the cake :)

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  1. I remember walking through that gallery on our way to Hungary. Truly amazing sculptures there -- larger than life. Both imposing in their weight, but still very approachable. They've re-routed the domestic security around a different way, so it's not as obvious, but it is still VERY worth getting to the airport a little early (or taking a little ride on the train if you've got a layover there) to see them.