Monday, July 30, 2012

Clever Cats are in Control

On the bus to the prayer house, I notice billboard after billboard proclaiming, "Clever Cats are in Control." 

Indeed.  The Maltese cats, at least in Valletta, seem to have conquered their unsuspecting citizens:  

Park Cats

Port Cats

Refugee Center Cats

The Cat Cafe

Even Art has its place in the Cat Cafe: The Matisse Salmon and Tuna Show

Outfitted with food, drink, houses, blankets, toys and art, the Maltese cats have indeed played their cards right.  Whenever I come across a 'street cat,' they show little of the the usual feral, fearful behavior, but coming running, expectant, looking for a handout!   They have captured the hearts of the Maltese, or at least enough of them, to know they may receive a treat.

I arrive at the prayer house expectant...may I 'conquer' the King.  May I capture his heart.  May I be as spoiled as these clever cats.  Surely the Father of heaven has more than a makeshift house, a few kibbles and bits, and a windowsill.  I have nothing to fear. 

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  1. Do the Matisse love their cats like the Hungarians love their dogs?