Monday, October 11, 2010

A "God Moment" with Rose

Rose has been a worker here for so many years…and become a dear friend with whom I share a few commonalities: a love of healing, counseling, and the arts, hanging out one on one and going deep over a cup of coffee or tea, and a passion to speak truth into peoples’ lives. Although we see each other rarely, we pick up where we left off each time, and go further.

I wandered down the path to Rose's house on the camp property, and stopped in for a visit before leaving, and as we talked, we had a “God moment.”

It has long been a dream of mine to host a healing retreat here at the camp. The facilities are perfect to accommodate a large group (rare in France), and the beautiful setting would be soooo conducive to healing. But then I took a detour into the arts ministry…or so I thought.

As the arts ministry develops, I have seen the acute need for healing retreats for artists, and have been mulling that over for some time. The need was apparent again during our SALT conference this summer, and I thought again of the camp.

This morning, as Rose and I caught up on our lives, and began dreaming together, I had the sense that one day in the not too distant future, we will probably be working together, that God has something up his sleeve that is going to be quite special for us in the future. Rose is fast approaching the empty nest, and as time frees up for her, and I develop materials and experience in the healing power of the arts, there will no doubt be convergence. I look forward to the possibilities!

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