Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Two  hours later, we took off, arriving in Atlanta about 11:30 pm.  Assured there would be an agent at the exit to help us with our connections, we deplaned.  Our tiny Asian agent was there alright, swaying with exhaustion as I asked her help. 

You wouldnt believe what happened here today,she stammered, eyes flickering with fatigue.  Yep, I would, and asked about my luggage.  She recovered some professionalism enough to wave me to the right—“It will take three hours.  Go to Gate B19.

A few dozen feet away, there was B19, easily identifiable by the long line snaking down the corridor away from it.  Hundreds of people.  

I worked my way through the sea of people running, wandering, on their phones, iPads or laptops, or sleeping on the floor, draped over chairs or each other, pillows made out of backpacks and laps.  Trolleys of snacks and drinks were parked everywhere, and blankets and travel kits were being distributed.  I got on the line.

Rich and Silvi were going to pick me up.  I texted to tell them I had arrived.  

Were here!” Silvi texted back.  "Where are you?"

"On a line!” 

20 min. later, I was rerouted to another gate....wait
....wait....wait...only to be told this agent didnt handle international flights, only domestic.  Back to B19.  I detoured at another gate with a shorter line, grabbing some snacks and a travel kit. 

Wait.  Wait.  Wait.  Rebook, secure luggage arrangements for tomorrow, text Silvi and Rich.  Emerge. 

Silvi found me first and scooped me up in that big hug so needed at the end of 18 hours of travel.  We drove to Susans, who was going to put me up for the night, babbling all the way, making arrangements for tomorrow.um, later today

Rich would bring my computer into the office and see to getting it some badly needed service.  Our ride to the airport was at 2 pm, when I could pick it up.  Maybe some of us could get lunch tomorrow?  I texted my team to say I would be joining them in the van, sans luggage.   

Entering Susans home, exhaling.  She had fallen asleep while waiting and the two of us, bleary-eyed and bone weary, hugged, said, Good night!” and staggered off to bed. 

And what traveler, at the end of 19 hours, wouldnt smile on finding this:

Ok, maybe a guy...but thank you Rich, Silvi, and Susan!  My true sanctuary and friends.  

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