Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Boot Wars

Living in a muddy farming community with lots of ice and snow melting, and mountain hiking as one of the major activities of the day, one must be properly shod: boots.

The accumulation of boots from all over boot-dom overran the lobby early on in our first week.  We got a shoe closet for the lobby, and instituted a new rule: wear indoor shoes/slippers to the lobby (no walking around in socks; feet in socks leave footprints on the tile floor = complaints from the management).  If you’re going out, change to your outdoor boots, and store your indoor-wear in the shoe closet until you return.  If your boots don’t fit in the shoe closet, take them to your room, and leave outside your door.  

A scenario rife for pranksterism...

One night the boots took a hike down the hallway, in a conga line.  Another night, shoelaces were tied together.  One found boots piled up outside one's door any given morning, or filled with empty bottles of adult beverages.  Then the dinosaurs and snake appeared...

The boot wars were on.  

Four new pairs were spotted in our hallway, outside the two doors of our current guests who arrived yesterday.   We contemplated their neatness, their proximity, the possibilities...oh the temptation….

How might these guests react?  To be continued...

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