Sunday, May 13, 2012


I returned from Torre Pellice to find a note on my door: "There is a surprise for you in the refrigerator!"  I expect a little leftover pizza, or maybe a hunk of local cheese.  I find cheese all the form of this state-of-the-art cheesecake, Hungarian/Italian style, made by Livia.  Across the top, is my favorite Hungarian word, "Csodalatos," written in chocolate across a strawberry top.  Oh my...for those of you who have been following along my journey, you will know the significance of that word in my life....

After a long conversation with Marco about the impact of this school, I decide that I have procrastinated long enough.  I ride the elevator one last time to Room 321, finish packing, and take the garbage out.  Bedtime arrives at around 10, as I stuff the last of the laundry in the suitcase, and set the alarm for 3 am.  This part of the journey is over.  

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