Thursday, September 1, 2011

"It's Good to Have a Snack!"

“There is no better way to prepare for dinner than by eating. To be a little sinful while waiting. Just a little bit—but often. Ah, it’s good to have a snack.”—Gerloczy Café

After some time at the synagogue, it was time to sit down and think, then head home. There is nothing quite like a good sit and think at a European cafe...

Heading back towards the river, we found Café Gerlöczy. Nestled in a quiet triangle of a picturesque street, with the sunlight dappling in at just the right angle, it was the perfect café for the occasion. We settled in immediately, and studied the menus.

“Quiche is a little surprise from Gerloczy, assuming that the sun is shining. If it is not, please make a complaint. Until we deal with your complaint, order a slice of quiche with some salad on the side. To cool down hot emotions we offer some vegetable sorbet. Is it all right now?”

Well, vegetable sorbet is a little bizarre, but absolutely no complaints! On the contrary, everything seemed all right now...

After sitting, lingering, taking photos, eating and drinking, we eventually motivated ourselves for the short walk to a delightful promenade along the Danube, stopping to watch the boats go by, and admiring the bridges.

Continuing on in the direction of our tram stop in front of the International Market, we said goodbye to Budapest and were whisked back to our bus stop at the edge of the city. A few travel hiccups later, we found our way back to Erd, and hiked up the steep hill back to our lodgings, just in time to meet Kwame, another dancer arriving for the second arts camp. We liked him immediately, and he proved to be a fantastic dancer and team player at the camp.

Another movie night, followed by packing for early morning departures, and it was time to close my time in Hungary. I would enjoy driving through the countryside up into Poland next, but for now, it was time to turn in. Another round of bug spray, another late night talk with my buddies, and we turned out the lights--with great appreciation for all we saw, learned, tasted and enjoyed in Hungary. Another day to say, “This is why I do this stuff.”

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