Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Decompression Silliness

Two more days of art camp to go…and we’re barely able to speak in full sentences.

Saturday morning we stumbled back over to King Arthur School, and may I admit that I was sooo grateful that none of my students showed up?! I cleaned up the room a bit, prepared for the next class, and sat in a bit of a stupor while pretending to draw. It felt good to have about an hour to myself, Jacob doodling alongside me too, in about the same state as me, not even minding that behind us, our techie folks, still in frantic mode, were downloading photos, creating videos for tonight’s event, and preparing to pack out tomorrow for the concert tour. Marcia and Chuck stoically pressed on, and I forget what happened to Gayle and Melissa….

I’m not sure how we got through that next day, but I do know we got veeeeerrry silly. So this would be a good time to post some of my favorite lines so far:


Jacob: “Anyone want boiled sweets?”

Everyone: “Boiled sweets?!?”

Melissa: “What kind of sweets are boiled sweets!?”

Marcia: “In my America, there would be barbecued sweets.”

Jacob: “BOILED sweets! Brought to you by Pepy the Polar Bear!”

Marcia: “Is a polar bear overseeing this entire operation?!”


Adorable little Hungarian boy climbs up into Chuck’s lap and chatters away in Hungarian.

Chuck (deer caught in headlights look): “Can you say that in English?”

Adorable Little Boy: “English.”


Melissa: “This group is making me tear my hair out.”

Jacob: “Keep your hair on.”


Gayle: “If we do it that way it will be all shmozzel (sp?!).”
Team: “Shmozzel?!?”


Fly lands on Marcia’s coke bottle at dinner.
Jacob: “The UTTER CHEEK!!!”

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