Tuesday, December 7, 2010

We interrupt this sketchbook...

to bring you important news about an upcoming trip to Italy!

Yes, fans, I'm on the road to Italy again, in about 24 hours...carbing up for travel with pasta to get in the mode/mood...

This is going to be a think tank/brainstorm: can we pull off a major training initiative in Fall 2011, or are we nuts?! Maybe both...but hopefully we'll figure it all out over the four days I'm there, and I'll know more next week.

We are going into Waldensian territory, about which I know very little, and so imagine I will be learning a lot! After flying into Milan, we (I'm flying in with 3 others) will be picked up and taken to Torre Pellici, Piemonte, at the foot of the Alps in northern Italy. We'll begin our brainstorm that evening.

The facility we're staying in is called "Forterocca" and you can find some neat info and pix about it here: http://www.forterocca.com/

But the sketchbook is packed, and I'll be working on it, other sketches, photos and who knows what...and mostly just trying to learn what God might be saying to us all for Forterocca.

Until the next time...prayers please!!!

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  1. woohoo!

    note that it's Torre Pellice (with an e, not an i) :)

    Benvenuta amica mia!