Friday, March 20, 2015

Anatomy of a Missions Conference

Emails sent, plans made, phone calls placed, itineraries forwarded, bags packed, planes caught, trains taken, miles driven, cars parked, shuttles boarded, luggage lost, tips given.  Gates close, seat belt fastened, miles traveled, thoughts prayed. 

Flags draped, soups prepared, cookies baked, beds made. Gathering then, with introductions, schedules given, displays set up, books unpacked, orientation completed, nametags clipped, handshakes offered, conversations begun.

Bread broken, words spoken, songs sung, stories told. Prayers prayed,
Scripture reading, testimonies shared, visuals shown, connections made. Shake the jet lag, children sleeping, parents dazed.

Meals consumed,
costumes donned, accents heard, mistakes covered, emails exchanged, inbox exploding.

Children running, parents folding, books sold, books exchanged. Clothes given, directions given,  gifts given, crafts sold. Sleep lost,
insights gained.  Naps taken, strollers packed, walks and talks. Shoulders cried on, butts kicked, hugs exchanged, more prayers prayed, Smart Board learned.

Stories heard, stories told, power points created, changed or dropped, schedule change, room change, time change, wrong address. GPS failure, missionary failure, church failure, soup lukewarm.  Fatigue threatens, friends hug, blessings given, notes taken, ideas form, coffee sought.  Bathroom break, water bought.  Inspiration given (and received), questions answered, questions asked.  Glasses lost, calls drop, chargers misplaced, searching for rooms.

Dreams birthed, calls heard, feedback given, burdens shared, concerns expressed.  Epiphanies born.
Resources recommended, prayer cards given, names taken, poems written. Sketches drawn, encouragements given, verses captured.

Exhausted missionaries, exhausted staff, a Kingdom advancing--calls renewed. Bolstered missionaries,
staff excited, church inspired, calls refined.  

A call home, confirming text , planes caught, meals bought, thank you's written, water sought, bathroom break, follow-up begun. The stakes are high, the calories too, folks are weary, the end in sight, the sad goodbye. 

"The Kingdom of heaven is forcefully advancing, and forceful men take hold of it."--Matt. 11:13